Right-Eye Reading Test

The RightEye Reading Test is an FDA cleared diagnostic tool designed to identify issues with eye movement that could hinder reading and learning. Vision problems are often mistaken for disinterest, dyslexia, or ADHD. The RightEye Reading Test can analyze a student's eye movements while reading, assess reading comprehension, and compare reading performance with peers of the same grade level. This test detects various aspects such as reading gaze replay, fixations and saccades, regressions and return sweeps, gaze disparity, comprehension, and head movement. It also tracks involuntary eye movements. Utilizing eye tracking technology, parents can watch a playback of their child's eye movements during reading.


Through its comprehensive evaluation of eye movements, the RightEye Reading Test identifies potential issues that can hinder reading and learning. It records and analyzes aspects like fixations, saccades, regressions, and return sweeps, providing valuable insights into a student's reading patterns. It also quantifies reading comprehension and compares performance with peers at the same grade level, enabling targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Eye Tracking

By conducting this test, individuals can gain valuable insights into their eye movement patterns while reading. The test specifically assesses various aspects of eye tracking, including fixations, saccades, regressions, return sweeps, and gaze disparity. By analyzing these components, the test helps identify any deficiencies or irregularities in eye movement that may affect reading comprehension and learning.


The RightEye assess various aspects of eye movements, such as fixations, saccades, and regressions. The RightEye also allows for tracking involuntary ocular movements and analyzing factors like gaze disparity, head movement, and fixation stability. Through its comprehensive evaluation and playback feature, parents can gain a deeper understanding of how the eyes move during reading, facilitating personalized strategies to enhance vision and optimize learning outcomes.